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Cian is offering his Immersive Sound Healing Journeys to all the beautiful souls in venues all around Perth, Western Australia.

We have our very own Zen Tent located in Serpentine adjacent to the Crystal Bus.

Join him for a relaxing and healing Sound Immersion session that can either boost your energies and cleanse your mind for your day, or assist you in slowing down as bedtime draws near. (Morning & Evening sessions available)

Simply bring what you like (Yoga Mats may be required as some venues may have limited available), lie down in a comfortable position on your mat, get cozy & comfy with a blanket & pillow, close your eyes and let the magic of the music do it's thing.

Allow yourself to let go and fully relax as the intutively played sounds & frequencies work their magic to relax, heal, purify, cleanse, and calm the body & the mind.


Every session is completely unique as he is called to play each instrument or combination of instruments intuitively.

The instruments you may hear & experience:

  • Piano/Keyboard with Angelic Pads & Heavenly Sounds (432hz)

  • Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Crystal Harp

  • Crystal Pyramid

  • Lyre Harp

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • Native American flute

  • Chinese Hulusi Flute

  • Irish Tin Whistle

  • Ocarina

  • Tingsha Bells

  • Kalimba

  • Wind Gong

  • Tongue Drum

  • Shakers

  • Rain-stick

  • Wind Chimes

  • Koshi Chimes

  • Acoustic Guitar (432hz)

  • & even a Loop Pedal to sometimes combine several of these at once, creating a super immersive sound bath / journey with many healing frequencies taking place at the same time.
    Looped instruments will be run through an amplifier capable of producing the deep, low frequencies allowing them to continue to be felt and absorbed

1-on-1 Sessions are also available. 
For full pricelist & available dates click button below:

Group Sessions: Tickets available via Eventbrite
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