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Photos capture a moment frozen in time, but videos allow us to relive those moments again, hear the music, the laughs, the cries, the speeches and everything in between.

We have a range of video packages to choose from.

Whether you want a highlight reel to share on social media with family and friends, or the entire ceremony



If you're like me and you always loved sitting down to watch some home videos in their most raw form - we offer an old school video style, shot on an old Sony Handycam (circa 1990's) with the old Hi8 8mm tapes. 

View our price guide below to get all the deets.

The "Old School" Video 

Ah, the good old days...

When there was one camera, one tape and no fuss.


Your parents likely have a video exactly like the one I am describing. An old tape that needed a VCR or camera to play it, but yet it felt so special to sit down and watch their wedding in it's entirety.

This is a service that has sadly almost disappeared. Here at Hazzard Productions though, we'd like to keep this tradition alive.

Instead of opting for the trendy new social media film, you have the option of choosing an old school Sony tape camera to capture your wedding day. Have guests say something to the camera, capture all the events that videographers can often miss when they're too focused on the artsy shots.

We use the Sony Hi8 Handycam with Hi8 8mm tapes. We also convert this to Digital Format for safekeeping as we all know tapes won't last forever!
The old camera aesthetic is something that many love & miss. Their only real downfall was poor audio quality -  however - with the fantastic invention and technology of wireless mics, we can ensure your film is easy to listen to AND we can even include some high quality 4k footage from the newer  cameras of today to capture the intricate details and combine them all into a lengthy film to sit down, watch & relive your day whenever you please.



To read more about our Old School packages, click the button below and flick to Page 11.

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