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We can perform a total of nine songs at your wedding ceremony.


(We will eventually be providing our song-list below, however if you do have a particular song in mind for any part of the ceremony - please be sure to let us know when inquiring so we can make sure we learn to play it for your Big Day.)

-Three songs prior to the ceremony as guests arrive

- Three songs for the Ceremony

1. Walking down the aisle (procession)

2. Signing the registry

3. Recessional

-Three songs for document signing after the ceremony.

 We are also available to attend wedding rehearsals, if you'd like to practice walking down the aisle to your chosen song, and so you can be confident and 100% sure everything sounds good & will run smoothly on your big day.



We are available to perform beautiful background music to keep the happiness flowing while pre-drinks are being served and good times are being had at your wedding reception.



Choose from:

  • Vocals & Guitar ~ Amoha Music (Dave Amoha)

  • Piano Instrumental ~ Cian Hazzard

  • Sacred Sounds | Singing Bowls, Gongs, Flute ~ Cian Hazzard


Choose from:

  • Vocals, Guitar & Piano ~ Amoha Music & Cian Hazzard 

  • Sacred Sounds | Singing Bowls, Gong, Flute, Didgeridoo ~ Cian Hazzard & Amoha Music


Hire Cian and/or Dave to make your Wedding Day that little bit more special with beautiful live music performances.

We are talented musicians guaranteed to bring a tear to your eyes, or make you dance with happiness - or both!.


Choose between multiple performance packages.

Love the piano? We got you.

Love the guitar? We got that too!

We cater to all kinds of Weddings.

We accept Love in all its forms and do not discriminate in any way.

What makes you happy, makes us happy.


If you'd like to Get in Touch, CLICK HERE.

Wedding Muscian Hire

Hello, my name is Dave Amoha. Im a musician from perth WA. I have a deep love for music and the way it can capture and express emotions. I have over 5 years experience in the live music scene. I am primarily a guitarist and singer, however, other instruments i perform with include, didgeridoo and harmonica.

I have an eclictic repertoire of cover songs for all occasions, from relaxed, peacful and emotive, to upbeats dance tunes.

Its a blesssing and a gift to share my passion for music with others


Cian Hazzard

Hey there! I'm Cian (pron-nounced: Key-In) & I am the creative behind Hazzard Productions. I am a self-taught multi-instrumentalist but if I'm being honest, the piano will always hold a special place in my heart.

While I love photography & filming, I find a real passion & joy in sharing musical frequencies with the World.

In November 2022, I married my best friend and had the best day of my life. I actually composed an original piece of music for my Beloved to walk down the aisle to. This was a lot of fun and felt especially rewarding to hear my own music being played while my wife-to-be was walking towards me to be joined together in Marriage. 


My own wedding inspired me to perform at other beautiful soul's weddings all over Western Australia (and possibly beyond) -  to be able to share that same sense of Love, Joy & Happiness with others, that I felt & experienced on my own special day.


I specialise in Instrumental Piano music in my solo package and also accompany Dave Amoha  as he sings and plays guitar in our Duo Wedding Packages.

If you'd like to spice things up & have something a little different, such as some beautiful Sacred Sounds at your wedding, like Flutes, Singing Bowls & Gongs, This can definitely be provided for you. These Sacred Healing instruments create a sense of peace & calm while honoring the magical healing frequencies of the Universe & work perfectly with small intimate ceremonies.


I'd love nothing more than to be part of making your day extra special. If this sounds like something you'd like at your wedding don't hesitate to Get in Touch or fill out our Hire Us form below. 



Management & Booking

Cian Hazzard, Booking Manager



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